An auto-responder email is a message that is sent back automatically to everyone who sends a message to a mailbox with this feature enabled. The senders will receive the automatic answer the instant their e-mails are received and you'll not need to do anything by hand. A couple of examples of using auto-responder e-mails are mailing a validation that a transaction has been received and the order is being processed or that an individual is on a break and will not be available for a specific time frame. In the first situation the function is enabled for a long time, while in the second one it is short-term. Even if you work with an e-mail simply for personal communication, you can use an auto-responder to let the original sender know their e-mail has been received successfully.
Auto-responder Emails in Cloud Hosting
If you need to set up an auto-responder message for any email address made in a cloud hosting package with us, it will not take you more than a couple of mouse clicks to do that. You can view a directory of all email addresses that you have in the Emails section of the Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with all website hosting accounts. For each one of them, you will see a little auto-responder button and everything you will have to do will be to click it, enter the content that you'll want to use and save the modifications - it is as easy as that. Creating an auto-responder for multiple emails and updating or removing an existing auto-responder is just as simple and can be done whenever you want. You will see a different image for any mailbox with an enabled auto-responder inside the Emails section, so you will be able to keep track with ease and modify the status of the feature at any moment if needed.
Auto-responder Emails in Semi-dedicated Hosting
You will be able to activate the auto-responder feature for any of your e-mail addresses if you are using a semi-dedicated server plan with us. The custom Hepsia Control Panel, which is used to handle the web hosting packages, is extremely intuitive and easy to use, so adding an auto-responder will take you only a few mouse clicks - all it takes to do this is to visit the Emails area, click the auto-responder icon for a specific email, enter the message that you want to be sent by our system to people who get in touch with you through e-mail and save the changes. In an identical way you're able to additionally change the content or entirely remove it if an automatic reply is not necessary. Hepsia furthermore helps you enable an auto-responder for different emails all at once.