CentOS is one of the most widely used Linux-based server Operating Systems out there. It is used by a large number of website hosting providers, because it's very stable, secure and reliable, not to mention that it can be customized freely, since it is an open-source Operating System. CentOS is used for production servers, because it's also very quick and takes minimal system resources. In addition, you're able to install and run any kind of web application, provided that it can operate on a Linux equipment. When you use a CentOS-powered server, you're able to customize any part of the Operating System according to your preferences. The fact that CentOS is absolutely free means that you'll have to pay just for your server, but not for any license fees, which will minimize your overall expenses. A vast team of developers and users stands behind CentOS, and in case you ever have any kind of problems, or you are simply unsure how to perform a specific task, you'll be able to discover a solution quickly. A significant advantage of the OS is also the fact that each release is officially supported and updated for a minimum of ten years, which means that you will always have a safe and dependable software environment.
CentOS in VPS Web Hosting
CentOS is offered with each and every virtual private server that we offer and you'll be able to select it through the order process from among a couple of other Operating Systems. Depending on the software which you need to set up and run, you are able to select between the 32-bit and the 64-bit version and your new VPS will be all set shortly after that. CentOS supports all three web hosting Control Panels that we offer - cPanel, DirectAdmin and Hepsia. This enables you to choose if you'd like to use the server for your web sites and to control it as one large account, or if you want to be able to make many hosting accounts and resell them to other people. Of course, you may also buy a VPS with no Control Panel and you will get a server with an OS and the Apache web server software, but nothing else on it, so that you can set up just the software which you need for your applications.
CentOS in Dedicated Servers Hosting
CentOS is among the Operating Systems that we supply with our dedicated server plans. Throughout the signup process, you can choose from the 32-bit and the 64-bit version of the OS and make sure that the software environment on your new server matches the specifications of the applications that you intend to set up. In contrast to other Operating Systems, CentOS also allows you to pick from several hosting Control Panels, based on what you need the server for. With Hepsia, for example, you're able to take care of the server like just a single account irrespective of the number of domain names that you host, while with cPanel and DirectAdmin, you'll be able to create an independent account for each domain, which will give you the opportunity to start a hosting reseller business. In case you do not pick any Control Panel, you'll receive your server with CentOS only, as the software that comes with the Control Panels will not be installed. We also supply weekly OS updates included in our Managed Services package, so you will not need to devote effort and time downloading and setting up the most current and most protected software on your dedicated server.